Corrugated paper rolls

We manufacture corrugated rolls from recycled material at a cost-effective price. It is a lightweight packaging material for furniture, glass items, unique and other fragile products. We deliver a wide range of corrugated paper rolls that acts as a great shock absorbing quality.

Corrugated Paper Rolls are offered both in meters and in kg quality as per the Customized requirement

Very cost effective, lightweight and versatile paper, our corrugated paper is easy to use straight from the roll that can be trimed to size. Provides strong and flexible protection for tubes, flat items, furniture and irregular shaped items. Also commonly used for interleaving between products to prevent scuffing and provides cushioning protection within boxes and bundles.

Features of packing rolls:

• Designed to be used with counter roll dispensers
• Secure goods
• Excellent for wrapping different shapes and size of a product.
• High tear resistant
• Eco-friendly.


• Packing and wrapping
• Void filling

Paper Packaging

Paper packaging has hundreds of uses from protecting goods in storage to packing products for postage. offers a range of high-quality versatile paper packaging solutions for a variety of different uses.

Our high-quality corrugated cardboard rolls, made from 100% recycled cardboard are great for product separation or void fill, particularly for large volume products as it’s an incredible easy to use and economical product.

We supply a wide range of Kraft paper rolls and sheets, offering strength and durability and availability in a range of sizes. The Kraft Union Brown Bitumen paper can be used as a water-resistant barrier. We also offer recycled Kraft paper rolls as an eco-friendly and low-cost option and Waxed Kraft paper for a grease or oil resistant barrier.

Whatever you need to wrap – you’re bound to find the perfect solution at

Paper Bubble Wrap has become a distribution partner of newly launched Paper Bubble Wrap, an eco-friendly and cost effective alternative to plastic bubble wrap. The award-winning, one-of-a-kind paper packaging solution eliminates the need for tape, while being a sustainable alternative to bubble wrap.

It also can help to improve the efficiency of the packaging operation, enabling warehouse packers to wrap at a faster pace.

The converter can be placed on any workstation where individual items are packed, with dimensions that make it suitable for table top wrapping. It can be used across a multitude of sectors, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, lighting, ceramics, electrical goods, household items and even for a unique gift wrap.

Benefits of Paper Bubble Wrap

• Cushioning: Helps eliminate damage with excellent protection. The hexagonal cells create an interlocking web that protects all of your items.
• Material Reduction: Reduces your wrap and void fill packaging materials thus, saving you space, time, effort and money.
• Speed: Increases the packaging speed upto 25-50% since there is no taping and easy tearing feature available at exactly the right amount.
• Storage Space: Takes up to 80% less space than the traditional bubble wrap. As you wrap, the product expands into its engineered hexagonal cells.
• Sustainability: 100% recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.

Paper Cushioning Packaging

The paper cushion pad is the most versatile solution for in the box protective packaging.The converter forms 2 or 3 layer paper rolls into a cushioning paper pad with tremendous shock absorbing capacity, which means that the product will not be damaged if a box falls during shipment. As such, the paper cushion pad can be used to pack even the most fragile products in shipping boxes.

Whether you’re packing small, medium-sized, large, or heavy industrial items, there is a paper cushion pad that is an efficient and economical solution for your packaging needs. Paper cushion pad in-the-box packaging materials are made from recycled and virgin paper. It’s durable enough to be used many times and recyclable – making it economical and environmentally friendly.

Recycled Kraft Paper

These Kraft paper rolls is a real plus for your environmental credentials! They are manufactured from 100% recycled paper and can be recycled again after use. for all general wrapping, recycled Kraft paper rolls are tough and tear resistant.

Kraft Paper Sheets

These 90 gsm Kraft paper sheets are manufactured from 100% pure natural Kraft paper and are supplied in packs of 250 sheets. Pre-cut for convenience they are available in two sizes and are 100% recyclable.

90 gsm Kraft paper sheets for medium to heavy duty use are an extra strong and tear resistant paper. These Kraft paper sheets provide additional protection and a smooth finish and are ideal for wrapping parcels and packages. Kraft paper is Post Office approved.

Paper Tape

Our range of paper tape is perfect for neatly and securely sealing boxes and cartons before shipping or storage. Paper tape is water-resistant and works well in humid conditions, so it’s an ideal choice for packaging export products. For quickly sealing packages, use a self-adhesive tape that leaves a neat finish and can be easily recycled with the rest of the packaging.

An eco-friendly alternative to plastic parcel tape! Our paper tape is made from renewable kraft paper not from plastic. It is water and solvent resistant, acid free - suitable for picture framing use and can also be used for cold storage (it can be applied at chilled temperatures (roughly 5 degrees) and stored down to -25).

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